Personal Understanding Consultations

"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts
about the situation."  
Eckhart Toll

The intention of Personal Understanding Consultations is to honor your personal journey, and guide you with confidence to reach your full potential.  

Personal Understanding is empowering.  It is focused on awareness and realization.  How can you change what you do not acknowledge, or are not aware of?

The techniques offered are effective - sparking insight and healing.  It provides a perspective and an expanded vision.  

You will:

  • gain clarity that will aid you in forging through blocks and insecurities;
  • identify and dissolve thought patterns that are occupying your mind and impacting your physical body;
  • become aware of unconscious personal patterns, behaviors and habits that are holding you back;
  • discover life tools that empower you to make wise, conscious, healthy and progressive decisions;
  • learn interpersonal communication skills that benefit your personal and professional relationships; and
  • release and surrender to WHAT IS and LET GO of WHAT WAS in order to live more-fully in the PRESENT.

With a variety of methods tailored to your needs,  you will be provided the necessary encouragement, guidance, inspiration and support to help forge through obstacles, limitations, fears, insecurities and blocks so you are better equipped to enjoy your journey, obtain your goals, and live more-fully in the present moment.   

How does it Work?

Depending on your location, consultations can be carried out anywhere in the world via Skype or telephone, or in person if you live on the French Riviera.  


Consultations, Guidance, Coaching & Holistic Counseling is not targeted at psychological illnesses!

The difference between a Consultant, Practitioner, Coach and/or Counselor is that they strive for awareness of the past, but encourage acceptance, release & movement in order to live in the present.

A licensed Therapist, however, tries to uncover the past, detect potential pathology, and examines and reveals deep emotional traumas.  Sessions are usually extensive, and require much more psychological inquiry.

If you are suffering from a long-term psychological illness or emotional trauma, please seek the guidance of a licensed Therapist.