First you have to look into the nature of your own anger, despair and suffering to free yourself so you can be available to others.

Tamra Solvés is a Personal Growth & Relationship mentor, as well as a Practitioner of Astrology, Numerology and Energy Healing Therapy.  

Her passion and aspirations to guide and inspire others was a life long desire.  

She worked in the U.S. legal system for over 25 years, but her natural calling and attraction to human suffering would eventually lead to her passion.  

With over 15 years experience and an international clientele, Tamra advises in Self Awareness and Personal Responsibility in both United States and Europe.  

Her unique approach is individualistic and realistic.  It sparks clarity, responsibility and change, and provides insight into thought patterns, unconscious behaviors, childhood & society conditioning, buried emotional scars, and limited belief systems.

Having experienced the process of realization and transformation herself is an advantage - it contributes to her knowledge, experience and perspective.

Tamra's strengths are her empathy, intuition and vision.     

Her intention is to empower and inspire personal transformation from the inside out.  She believes awareness is the only way to dissolve and release the past so you are capable of living more in the present.

Tamra guides and mentors individuals, couples and families who are seeing direction in their personal life, relationships, family, life direction and career, as well as offers workshops, lectures and retreats to groups. 

To see if you would benefit from Tamra's services, please schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation.  All correspondences are personal and confidential.

Experience & Studies:


1.       Mentored, counseled and motivated hundreds of clients in the U.S.A. and Europe;

2.       Performed hundreds of energy healing and channeling sessions in U.S.A. and Europe;

3.       Assisted Dr. Carolyn Porter, owner and founder of Where Miracles Happen, Woodstock, GAin the teaching and training of a certified life coaching course;

4.       Assisted Charmaine Taylor, owner and founder of The Open Mind Center, Roswell, GA  in the planning, organization and opening of the Center

5.       President and owner of TLD Coaching, LLC, Atlanta, GA ; and

6.       Organizer and founder of TLD Personal Development Group-French Riviera - 2013.

Courses, Classes and Certifications 

1.       Life Skills Coaching Certification, Atlanta, GA;

2.       Counseling for Healers Certification, Atlanta, GA;

3.       Energy Therapy Healer, Wanda Lasseter-Lundy, Rays of Healing Org., Atlanta, GA & Falls Church, VA;

4.       Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Certification, Monaco, France.